Sunday, August 8, 2010

hairgate oh-nine: a conclusion

I thought I'd do a little bit of an update post for those who have been reading since the beginning. For my newer readers, you may not be aware of the trauma that was HAIRGATE OH-NINE. To sum it up:
  • Dumped by my ex (for the second time - how's that for lack of dignity?)
  • Make an appointment to get a haircut. You know, a post-breakup pick-me-up!
  • Receive THE. WORST. HAIRCUT. of my entire life
  • Walk two miles home, ugly crying the entire time
  • Call my mother who panics thinking that I am crying because I'm in the hospital after having lost a limb. 
  • She yells that there are worse problems in the world and hangs up on me.
  • I cry for another two hours before passing out, wake up the next morning, look in the mirror and proceed to start crying again
  • Receive a refund from the salon and promptly spend the entire amount on headbands
It's been about eight months and I realized last night that my hair had gotten long again! This was despite my irrational cries that my hair would never grow and I'd forever look like a cross between Carol Brady and a little boy. In fact, I think i'm almost ready to get a haircut. I can tell you that when I do, it will be far, faaaar away from that devil woman.

December 2009:

August 2010:


Tanie said...

It looks gorgeous!

Unknown said...

thank you Tanie!

Dori said...

You pretty

Unknown said...

too kind :)

dogimo said...

Still cute as a freight train.

I must admit it does look better long, much as I love that look in the middle pic. But also, I tend to prefer longer hair, so I may biased. Of course, the other thing is, a lot of other guys share that bias. So that's kind of a real-world factor at that point.

But the best thing is that YOU love it! You have great hair, be a shame not to love it.

Unknown said...

thanks joe, you know all the right things to say!

actually, the second picture is only a couple of days after i got it cut. it was just.. not styled as poorly. i do like it a bit longer but not TOO long, otherwise it takes over my body!