Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm going to Spain in.. FIVE DAYS. Lori and I booked our tickets months ago and I can't believe that it's almost time to go! Truth be told, I haven't done a ton of traveling in Europe (I've only been to Rome and London) - but I'm looking to change that, starting with this trip.

We've got a really ambitious 10 day itinerary. We fly into Madrid where we'll spend three days and nights. While staying in Madrid we'll take day trips to Segovia and Toledo. Then we'll take the high-speed train down to Sevilla for two nights. After that it's over to Granada for two days and one night. From there we'll take the overnight train to Barcelona where we'll spend our last two days.

So, here's my confession - I don't speak Spanish. I took it for four months in sixth grade until I decided that French would be a better choice. Yea, because everyone in the world speaks French and no one speaks Spanish. I'd say that was poor parenting by mom and dad for not interceding on that one. Basically the only thing I remember how to say is: "Yo tengo once aƱos". In case you didn't know, that means "I am eleven years old." Yeaaaa, that's totally going to come in handy on my trip.

My lack of Spanish language skills aside, I am totally pumped for this vacation. But what am I the most excited about? A really awesome present from my friend Liz:

It's a Dirty Spanish book! Now I know how to say all sorts of awesome and perverted phrases such as "Esa cachonda cojeria cualquier cosa con piernas" and... well, some of them are little too crude. Even for me. Case in point:

Have you been to Spain? Any suggestions/pointers/warnings for me? Or tell me about your most memorable vacation! I want to hear all of your amazing stories.


brittai927 said...

You need three phrases:
Donde esta el bano?
Uno Momento Por Favor
No habla espanol. Habla Ingles?


Unknown said...

ah, ok - i think i can remember that. right now my brain is filled with filthy, filthy spanish phrases haha.

Unknown said...

most importantly you need "yo quiero una cerveza" and "yo quiero chupito tequila!"

according to my spoons, i went to madrid, sevilla, granada, siena, tarifa, and i'm sure other places where there were no spoons.

Unknown said...

i love you and your spoons, miss katie.

Monica said...

psh, you'll be fine without spanish, i promise. just don't act like a snooty american who thinks they're TOO GOOD to learn me.

you'll have a blast! i can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all about it! eep!

AtlYankeeBelle said...

tagged you on my blog!