Thursday, August 19, 2010

competitive much?

So in an effort to avoid becoming a shut-in after moving into my efficiently-sized studio apartment, I've decided to join a kickball league. I'm really excited to make some new friends, get together for after-game drinks and.. oh yea.. KICK SOME ASS.

Did you know that I'm super competitive? Right about now, those who know me in real life are yelling at the computer "WOW! REALLY! YA THINK!?!" Well.. yea.. they'd be right.

Imagine me, it's the summer after fourth grade and I am playing a newcomb inter-camp. It's basically inter-league play but for camp. A team of girls from a nearby day camp were sent over for a death match -- ahh, I mean game. They came for a game of newcomb. I, being the smallest and youngest girl in my group, am determined to prove myself and leave them in awe of my immense skills. At one point I find myself in the front row, looking for a hole in which to drop the ball. When this one amazon (I swear she had to be in high school) calls me a "small bitch," I don't flinch before pelting her with the ball. Immediately she is on the ground, clutching her face and writhing in pain. Oh, and there is bleeding. Did I mention that there is blood gushing from her nose?

They may or may not have had to end the inter-camp early to take the girl to the doctor.

I may or may not have broken her nose.

Moral of the story? NO ONE calls me a small bitch.

Kickball is going to be epic.


PhillyGirlRuns said...

I freaking ROCKED at newcomb. Volleyball...not so much.

AtlYankeeBelle said...

lol great story! where did you find the kickball league? Im new to my town too and I need a way to meet people

Unknown said...

volleyball was never fun for me. but newcomb.. THAT WAS MY JAM.

belle - i found it through boston ski and sports club, which probably wouldn't help you too much! but i'm sure if you google "kickball + your town" you could find something!!

Unknown said...

haha will rule! Please don't throw me into the Charles on sunday when you sprint like the wind ;)

Unknown said...

i promise to never physically harm you on our runs :) and i can pretty much promise that i won't ever be sprinting because i am way too slow for that haha.