Wednesday, July 7, 2010

packing up my life sucks

Remember when I wrote about my mom possibly being a hoarder? Turns out the apple, and the crazy, doesn't fall far from the tree.. I decided to start packing tonight, as I am moving in exactly 21 days!! Here's some interesting/random crap I've come in the last couple of hours:
  • $100 in twenties
  • a love letter from my college boyfriend
  • 20 AA batteries
  • four pairs of sunglasses
  • a gift certificate for a spa/beauty parlor (does anyone even call it a beauty parlor anymore?)
  • seasons 1-6 of dawson's creek burned onto DVDs that i procured from work
  • lots and lots and lots, and even more dust
  • a shard of glass that ripped through my foot with amazing precision (it's still bleeding, by the way)

And I should mention that I've only packed up my BOOKSHELF thus far. I can't even imagine the horrifying and amazing goodies that I'm going to find in other parts of my room/apartment.


Megan said...

Oh my goodness! haha. so much random, and just on your bookshelf. Hey though, if things keep going in this direction, think of all the money you'll find!

Unknown said...

i can't wait until i start going through everything else, like all of my purses - that could be a veritable GOLDMINE.

Unknown said...

There is no way there is ANY cash hiding in my room. Good find though! I pack up the end of August le sigh

Unknown said...

where are you moving too ash??