Tuesday, July 27, 2010

make the boxes go away

Right now my life is a mess. I've been living in limbo - half of my worldly possessions are the new apartment, and the other half packed in random boxes or laying haphazardly in the living room of my old apartment. The new place is starting to come together - the bathroom is ADORABLE and the kitchen is almost set up (with the exception of all of my appliances). The problem is that I'm purchasing a new dresser so all of my clothing is stuffed in random suitcases and reusable bags that I got from Whole Foods. I also managed to put together my over the door shoe holder together upside down. But I don't give a CRAP, it still holds the shoes and I'll be DAMNED if I was going to take it apart again. I tried to eat some cereal for dinner last night only to find that the paper bowls I have hold about one ounce of milk before overflowing and disintegrating in my hands.

For the record, I have not and am not hiring movers. Why? Partially because I'm cheap. Also because I am clearly overconfident in my abilities and strength. For example, I purchased an awesome antique roll top desk from a crazy-ass dude. He was crazy in the way that he tried to talk me into purchasing old stuffed animals, some seeds, and an inflatable pool, not in the "It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again" way. Anyway, I was with my friend and I was all, OH WE CAN TOTALLY GET THIS UP TWO FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. Fast forward a few minutes and she's legitimately almost passing out on the stairs and I am struggling to make sure the desk didn't go tumbling into the glass doors of the vestibule. Thank goodness one of my good Samaritan neighbors saved us and helped us get it up to my apartment. After he saved us from uncertain death, my friend looked at me and said "You have to get that man a muffin basket!"

The final part of the move begins tomorrow when my parents arrive from New York in a borrowed pick-up truck to help me move the remainder of my belongings. Have I mentioned that my parents refuse to stay in a hotel and have opted to sleep.. Wait, are you ready for this? IN MY STUDIO APARTMENT WITH ME.

If you don't hear from me by this weekend it's because my mother and I got into a physical brawl over where to position the bed in my closet of an apartment and one/both of us are in a holding cell.

Good luck vibes, please. I'm going to need it. Promise to post pictures when the apartment doesn't look like a bunch of homeless people have been squatting there!


Michelle said...

Ooo moving is so exciting! I can't believe your parents are staying with you. It's actually adorable, in a smothering-type way.

mypixieblog said...

Good luck with the move! I haaaaaate it myself (and am thinking it might happen again this year...) but once you're all settled, it's nice to find yourself in a new environment. Try not to kill your momma, but let us know how it goes!