Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a very special guest blog

Today's guest blog is, not surprisingly, brought to you by my favorite mess (and I mean that in the most lovingly way possible) named Jacky. Also, this will be the first two-parter because the story was just too amazing (and long) to post all at one time. So here you go, enjoy! --

Back in February I met Tim, we have some friends in common and share a mutual love of sports, Wendy’s, and making complete fools of ourselves in public. Thus, we spent most weekends together, becoming good “friends.” And we all know what those quotations mean….

Also in February, I had met a guy in Pittsburgh (Rob). We had exchanged phone numbers….and in the subsequent weeks had begun talking via phone more and more often. It had been going really well, and, ultimately, he told me that he and some friends were coming to DC for the weekend to visit some other high school buddies (and me). He then asked if he could spend one of the nights at my place (no pressure..yada yada yada). I said sure and a plan was made.

The Friday night of Rob’s visit finally arrives. My group of friends goes out with his friends, and we all had a really great time. He comes back to my place. Everything is going really well…we’re just hanging out, making out…the usual. Then around 4:30 a.m. someone violently begins ringing the doorbell. And I mean violently. As I’ve mentioned before, we live in the hood, so answering the doorbell when no one is expected is not something we do. “Just ignore it Rob…it will stop…..it’s probably for my roommate” 5 minutes go by….. the doorbell is still repeatedly ringing. And then, FINALLY it stops. Let me tell you, this is an obnoxious doorbell. Unnecessarily loud, piercing and nails down a chalkboard annoying. The mood was already ruined; however, I thought this could still have potential ….and then….there’s a knock on my bedroom window....

I have absolutely no idea who this could be…and, quite honestly, I’m scared. Nothing good could be happening outside. At this hour. In our neighborhood…. So Rob starts yelling through the wall. “What do you want?? Who are you? Who are you here for??” And then I hear this voice go….”Jacky….Do I have the wrong house?”

OH SHIT. They know me?? Then the front doorbell starts ringing ridiculously AGAIN. Now Rob and I are out in the living room, he’s once again yelling through the door…..I’m just standing there in a t-shirt….scared. confused. Who can this possibly be?? And then I hear it….a little voice on the other side of the door say…”It’s me. It’s Tim.”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh damn.

To be continued....


Michelle said...

I knew it was Tim!!! Hahaha can't wait to read the rest!

d @ nycandlove.com said...

Ahhhhh can't wait to hear what happened!