Wednesday, June 2, 2010

best cabbie ever

My friend, Elizabeth, lover of all things LOLcat, came up from Georgia to visit me this past weekend. The weekend was.. amazing. We ate way too many cupcakes, drank way too much beer and made a scene in my local Dunkin Donuts - so basically it was epic. On the way home from our first round of cupcakes on Friday night we had the best cab driver ever. He said that he had a video on YouTube and that we should spread it around! Elizabeth was all "Oh, we can TOTALLY do that." and I kept saying "YEA! I'm totally going to put it in my blog". Oh, and by the way, we were totally stone cold sober at this point.

Then he proceeded to sing us his song, TWICE. Fantastic.

So, I'm going to do my part in helping him go viral. I present to you.. Fat Girls:


Anonymous said...

This post just made my day.

I won't lie, I am upset I missed multiple rounds of cupcake eating this weekend. I can never turn down a good cupcake.

Unknown said...

i ate one of my multiple cupcakes in my honor. you were missed!

Jessica said...

Lol hard...this is great!

Elizabeth said...

HAHAhahahhaha! SO funny! "I'm not trying to be offensive...I just love fat girls..."

I had SO MUCH FUN with you in Boston this weekend! So sorry you cannot show your face in Dunkin for a while...

Cupcakes rule. LOVE YA!