Monday, May 17, 2010

movin' on up

Ah! Hi there! I'm still alive! Life has been insane. Work is kicking my ass and everything else has just been incredibly busy. Lots of good stuff, thankfully. First of all - I'M MOVING! It's only about half a mile from my current apartment but I'm going to be moving into a studio. I have very high hopes for living on my own. I can walk around in the nude all. freaking. day. if that's what I decide to do. I mean, I probably won't, but isn't it nice to have the option?

The apartment is mine as of July 15th and here's my mom's brilliant idea -- she wants to drive up with my father on that morning. My father and I would essentially serve as physical labor while she "supervises" aka yells at us for knocking furniture into the wall. After the workhorses finish - my dad will be sent on his way back to New York. My mother and I would then spend the entirety of the 16th assembling furniture, bickering over where to put my bed, and climbing up the walls to get away from one another. And THEN she suggested I then drive her and myself back to Queens so I could attend my best friend's wedding on the 17th.

According to mother dearest, this is a flawless plan - she doesn't have to drive, lift anything heavier than a pillow, and will succeed in making me want to stab myself in the eye with a piece of particle board. This would leave me haggard and delightful and a bridesmaid the next day.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong... right?


Date Girl said...

Yay! Living on your own can be really fun. I definitely think it's something every woman should try at least for a little while. It helps you get that sense of self. That way, when you do move in with a guy, you know how to have your alone time too. Plus, the nude thing is cool too. I prefer to dance in the nude while singing into my hairbrush/microphone. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move lovely!

Charlotte said...

I love living alone. The nude thing is an awesome perk as is listening to whatever music I like and not offending anyone with my 25-minute jams.


Unknown said...

date girl - i totally agree - i think that everyone should live alone at some point! i'm totally looking forward to air drying after my showers for the forseeable future haha.

trinnny - thank you so much!

charlotte - i can't wait to blast the glee soundtrack morning, noon, and night!!