Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have You Ever Tried to Make a Vodka Watermelon?

Back to guest blog Tuesday! Thanks to Bethany for sending along a whole smorgasbord of guest blogs. If you have a funny/embarrassing/awesome story that you'd like to contribute feel free to email me! And now, onto the blog --

If you have, you may understand the stress that I was under one year ago for a family trip to the river. If you have not, you can use this cautionary tale as a warning to never ever try to make a vodka watermelon unless you are already an expert.

My family and I were meeting up at the river about a year ago, when I decided that I wanted to bring something unique to contribute to the festivities. My fiancé is a very smart, analytical type, so he decided that he would look up the instructions online to figure out how to do it since we had never done it before. I thought that if it was done correctly, it would be the best invention ever since what could get any better than a fresh and juicy watermelon filled with vodka?

Initially, we had a really hard time even putting a big enough hole in the watermelon to place the vodka bottle in. The watermelon had to sit with an upside down vodka bottle in it so that it could slowly soak up over several weeks. Unfortunately, the flawed instructions that we read online did not tell us anything about refrigerating this mammoth alcoholic fruit, so we just left it sitting out on our counter. As the days grew closer to the river, we grew more and more excited, and I also tried to hype it up with my family by telling them that we had a surprise for them.

I'm sure that you could guess by now that the surprise that we ended up having was a horribly rotten watermelon filled with vodka because it was not refrigerated for several weeks. This was an enormous letdown and party foul to say the least, even though I tried to be the noble one and continue to eat it, even though it was rotten. My thoughts were that the alcohol would cleanse all of my wounds...

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MarileeBob said...

I've done this once or twice before, but only let it soak overnight! Im going to go look up some recipes now, I want to do this for an upcoming camping trip. =)

Funny story!

Giorgio said...

Me and my homies made cherries soaked in vodka a couple times, those were the sh*t