Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So after making such a stink about my weird social fear, I realized that I never updated you all about how it went! I did end up going to the run, I showed up and there were over a hundred people there. New Balance was there giving out free shorts before the run and that's why so many people showed up. I swear to God, it seemed as though everyone was talking to at least one other person. I tried to strike up conversation with a few people, but no one seemed to be running the same distance (there's a 3, 5 and 6 and I was planning on doing the 5 mile loop). I felt like the stinky kid on the playground who eats her own fingernail clippings. Luckily, I managed to start chatting with a really sweet BU grad student about her hair - I love a ginger! We ran most of the way together, but she was clearly faster and I felt bad holding her back so I urged her to go ahead after three miles.

After finishing the run I went back to the house where the post-run brunch is held every week. Of course I had to pee, badly. I waited in line behind two girls who were discussing the free shorts we'd been given. I chimed in and asked what they thought and instead of a nice, normal response I received a snide response and a couple of dirty looks. Oookay, thanks. Aren't girls so precious sometimes?  And by precious, I mean hambeasts (new favorite word, btw).

I ended up leaving shortly after and decided to grab some food at home. There were just too many people there who all seemed to know one another. Frankly, I didn't have the energy to try, and likely be shut down, in making conversation with anyone else. But I'm glad I went, and I would probably go, dare I even say it, ALONE, again.


Natalie said...

even though we are like the same person i still read entries and think 'omg that is so something i would do!' hahah. okay, im done xoxo*

dogimo said...

You know what does wonders for your confidence? Just go to these things with no intention whatsoever of meeting or mixing with anyone. Just show up with an agenda to keep to yourself. Just be present and beautiful and maybe a tiny tinge aloof, a tiny tinge antisocial.

Me, I like to go to a lot of parties and stand near a wall, kind of glowering a little. Nursing a drink. Turned sort of part-way towards the wall.

Wait actually I'm getting confused - that's me at work!

Nursing a coffee.