Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The first time I saw this commercial I alternated between giving a "HELL YEA!" fist pump and laughing hysterically. It's just.. so true. According to all the commercials for feminine hygiene products I should spend every day of my period feeling blissful in white pants. Yea. Sure. Actually, I become an emotional, psychotic mess of a person who cries from everything to Hallmark cards to ASPCA commercials (you know that commercial.. the one where Sarah McLachlan is singing Angel? KILLS ME EVERY TIME).

Tampon commercials are absurd, totally absurd and this commercial just hits that point dead on.

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dogimo said...

Right on! They just kicked everybody else right in the, well, you know.

It's weird how for decades upon decades these advertisers build up this ridiculous vocabulary of euphemisms, and for the most part we just kind of play along.