Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sue sylvester

Also, I watched over three solid hours of television last night. Glee, the Biggest Loser, Parenthood.

Glee is back after four looong months and I wasn't disappointed. I spent the entire episode laughing hysterically. And I am totally NOT someone who laughs out loud while watching tv alone. In fact, normally, I think it's pretty weird. But I couldn't help myself. Sue Sylvester is the most hilarious character on television, hands down. I only wish I could spew venomous one-liners with such ease.


May said...

not going to lie, just started watching it last night and I like it so far

cfoxes33 said...

Though it was not the best episode ever, it was really good. My daughter's new saying is from the blonde cheerio who said, "Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" Then she said, "Sometimes I can't remember my middle name." That was random. LOL

Elizabeth said...

SO funny!

My fave quote from the night.....Quinn: "!" Puck: "And that's my fault?!?" LOL!

dogimo said...

You just need practice. Try spewing 3 venomous one-liners a day, in various situations, just to start. Ramp up from there!

Any time you're developing a new skill, it's all about pacing yourself.

Unknown said...

may - just wait, you're going to become a gleek in no time.

cfoxes - wasn't the best, but it still felt epic after 4 months. britt's one liners this episode were hiiilarious. loved the dolpin line as well!

huck - we'll have a glee sing-a-thon when you come SO SOON!!

joe - i am going to start my practice tomorrow. just call me the little bitch that could.