Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i need a (another) hobby

Setting the scene - we're chatting online about.. well.. Glee.

Reason #9845840 why I need to leave my house and actually get a life:

jules:  wait im sorry
jules:  im way too turned on by this
me:     me too
jules:  i feel.. inappropriate
me:     i thought it was because i havent had sex since november
jules:  haha
me:     but glad im not alone
jules:  im going to say its the wine
jules:  lol
me:     i think emma and will are the only ones who go through with it
me:     actually i dont know
me:     hell i hope they all go through with it
me:     i hope tv characters can get laid when i cant
jules:  hahahahahha
jules:  .... tweet
jules:  why is whats his name screwing the cheerleader
jules:  what did i miss
me:     because rachel is dating jesse
jules:  oh
jules:  hate fuck
me:     basically
jules:  lol
me:     ohhhh boo
jules:  oh no
me:     not only can i not get any
me:     i cant even predict which characters will get laid
me:     FAIL
jules:  that was amazing
jules:  we need to take action?
jules:  i lost my sex appetite


Elizabeth said...

LOL hard.

Michelle said...

HAHA oh Glee...I think I'm the only person in the universe it hasn't yet swept up in its clutches.

dogimo said...

You just have really really high standards is all. It's the only explanation, I mean. Come on. Serious.

Unknown said...

michelle you don't watch glee?!?!!?! you must start!

joe - i think it's a combination of high standards, a string of disappointing relationships, and really not viable prospects.

PJ said...

Sad to admit I don't watch Glee . . .