Sunday, April 18, 2010

dear sir/madam

To the gentleman who made a crude, disgusting gesture in my direction while stopped next to me at a traffic light - you are no gentleman at all. It's men like you who make me wish that I was into girls.

To the absurd woman at the Marathon Expo - yelling about how you need a larger watch band because you don't have "tiny Asian wrists" made me, and everyone in your vicinity, extremely uncomfortable. And then to continue on about how all Asians have dainty hands, and how you know this from looking at their jade bracelets only reinforced the fact that you're totally clueless.

To my ex-boyfriend - please, please for the love of all that is holy, stop with the racist commentary on your Facebook wall. Newsflash! You're not the only person who reads the crap that you post. I've already hidden your updates but I am filled with second-hand embarrassment every time I look at your wall.

To the bitchy mom who backed into me and my cart in Costco yesterday afternoon - I really appreciated you scowling at me and cursing under your breath. Especially since YOU weren't looking as you backed up into ME. You also didn't seem to hear me saying "Behind you! Excuse me!" because you were too busy telling your children to "Shut the fuck up". Sorry that my body and my cart intruded on your special moment with your children.


Michelle said...

Soo...good weekend all in all? Sorry girl, people are absolutely ridic.

Unknown said...

it actually was a fine weekend! just so. many. obnoxious. people. i couldn't help but complain juuust a little :)

i can't be in too bad of a mood, i have tomorrow off because it's patriot's day aka marathon monday!

Anonymous said...

People are just plain nuts. 'nuff said.

Megan said...

OMG, girl. What nut jobs you seem to always run into. And what a really special person to tell her kid to shut the fuck up. I'm talking mother of the mfing YEAR!

Charlotte said...

I'm always amazed by the stupidity in my vicinity. It makes me embarrassed to share the planet with certain people. I have an incident like the one you experienced yesterday in Costco almost every week. Why do people get in the way and then give YOU a nasty look? God, that one REALLY grinds my gears!

Hope the rest of your week looks brighter :)

dogimo said...

Racist Facebook Status Updates.

Now there's a band name.

Unknown said...

megan - i'm flypaper for crazies. it's the basis for this blog, so lucky for all of you! ;)

charlotte - it's amazing to me that people flaunt their crazy. it's like, they don't see anything wrong with screaming in public or being totally insane.

joe - i'm always working on getting that copyrighted. i'll share the earnings with you.

dogimo said...

Dibs on rhythm guitar - do you play bass or drums??