Thursday, April 8, 2010

the day after

Yesterday I was sad. It's not that I'm not just as sad today, it's just that I refuse to let myself wallow. I spent a lot of time recalling some truly happy memories and it made me both smile and cry. She wouldn't have wanted me to sit around and mope, so I won't. It's a beautiful, sunny day and even though I'm stuck at work, I'm happy.

Here's something that I hope will make you laugh, or at least chortle. Yet another reason why I love Somerville:

I don't know about you, but I like to imagine that Mary, baby Jesus and the angels could have one hell of a dodgeball game going on. Ha, see what I did there? Man, I crack myself up.


dogimo said...

I don't think that's Mary. Looks like a dude!

If that flower's a lily, I'm betting it's St. Joseph.

Unknown said...

shows how much i know about the saints!

dogimo said...

I'm not much better, I'm sure. Just that particualr dude's my namesake, so I took an interest.