Tuesday, March 30, 2010

stalking is the new black

So.. I have a hypothetical situation for all of you out there..   

Say you hypothetically sort of dated a guy during your senior year of college and things fizzled out because you two just were the complete opposite of compatible in basically every way possible. You remained friendly-ish because you have a lot of mutual friends. You've exchanged pleasantries when you've see one another but that's the extent of your interaction for the last three or four years.

Imagine that you hypothetically woke up one morning Friday to an email from one of your good friends asking if you'd been on Facebook that day. Your curiosity would be piqued, no? You then would go and check and see that a certain hypothetical person's status at 3am had been your name. Just your first name, nothing more nothing less.

From the surrounding status updates, one could hypothetically assume that this hypothetical person in question had been drinking a lot at a sporting event. One could then infer that said intoxicated person decided to Facebook stalk, and instead of putting your name into the search bar, made it their status.

It could then be inferred that one should not attempt to drunkenly Facebook stalk at 3am. However, you could also say that the results can be quite hilarious and totally amusing.

I mean, hypothetically.


Dori said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Laughing out loud at this story even though this is the second time I've heard it. Hilarious! I'm worried that will happen to me now...

Unknown said...

facebook + booze just don't mix dori. just say no to drunk facebook stalking.

dogimo said...

Maybe he was just, you know, saying it. Putting it out there to the universe.


And then nothing to follow. Just saying the word.

Like your name was Sussudio.

Unknown said...

my name does roll right off the tongue.

Michelle said...

Omg I read a story like this in the Cosmo confessions stories where a girl accidentally typed in the first AND LAST name of her super cute BOSS. And then got fired, I think? So funny that you caught him in the act!

Unknown said...

i'm glad i saw it before he deleted it hahah .

Princess Malphaba said...

I almost did that like 12 times today, especially when I'm on my iphone because the status bar is where the search feature should be. So dangerous, and you totally out yourself with "what is on your mind" ouch