Tuesday, March 16, 2010

st patty's day recap

I made a mistake on St. Patty's Day. I actually uttered the phrase: "I'm not going to drink a lot today". What the hell is wrong with me? That's essentially a death sentence for the day. Anyway.. it started out innocently enough - a 5k in the pouring rain and it was fun. I mean, I was soaked to the bone and my feet were pruney from sloshing around in some puddles, but I enjoyed myself. The rest of the day can really only be explained using bullet points
  • Roommate parked her car on a corner. Literally. The car was diagonal between the corners of E 4th and H streets in Southie. Before leaving the car I told everyone to take anything of importance because the car may already be towed to the nearest lot before we could get back to it.
  • Played flip cup at a party where there TWO individuals under the age of 17. This made us all feel old and haggard and caused us to double fist our drinks.
  • Walked into another friends party and DEMANDED that they take the food off the table and start a flip cup game. Shortly after it was declared that we owned the party.
  • Shotgunned beers. A bunch of them. I think most of it found it's way onto my shirt, but damnit I tried. 
  • Made friends with the most amazingly hilarious Canadian ever. 
  • When I saw her pull out her blackberry I yelled "CAN WE BE BBM FRIENDS?!".
  • Took a nap on the couch. On top of my friend's roommate.
  • Woke up and shotgunned another beer in celebration of me regaining consciousness.
  • On the way home, ended up being taken to a police station when the cab driver's credit card swiper-thingy wasn't working and the guy we were with WOULDN'T SHUT HIS DAMN TRAP. 
  • Made friends with the previously hostile cabbie. I then proceeded to tell him that if I peed in his cab it would be his fault.
  • Cab driver dropped me off at my apartment, grabbed my hand and said "J., I love you".
In case you're curious. I woke up on Monday morning and I wanted. to. die. It's official, I'm old. I cannot handle hangovers like I used to.  But, it was an epic and hilarious day, so I think that it was worth it. Maybe next year there won't be a monsoon so we'll actually make it outside to watch some of the parade instead of holing up and pounding back beers like it's our job.


Anonymous said...

Lol at "can we be BBM friends"! Sadly I've been sober and gotten excited when other people have BBs haha.

dogimo said...

That takes serious, serious brass to pull off the corner-park.

Wait. This is a hilarious recap and all, but isn't St. Paddy's day a little later in the week?

I may never party with you J., and if so then I may never live, either.

Nik said...


Unknown said...

katie - ever since i got my blackberry i have been OBSESSED with adding bbm friends :)

joe - yeah we were pretty ballsy, and thankfully it worked out. st. patty's day is officially today, but the parade is always the sunday before and that's when most of the debauchery takes place. i think you could totally party with me. it could end up with your head in a toilet, but you could do it!

thanks nik :)

Charlotte said...

I loved this post--sounds like a great time! A night isn't complete until you end at a police station, I always say... :p

Happy St. Pat's!