Monday, March 8, 2010

ode to my ipods

I'm an asshole to my electronics. True story. In my lifetime I have broken (at least) ten cell phones, five cameras and had my Palm pilot (whatever, it was freshman year of college, OK?) stolen. Oh and there was the time when my apartment was robbed six months after I'd bought a new Macbook and that AND my old Dell were stolen. Basically, I am the destroyer/loser of all things electronic. But somehow, and I'm not sure how, I've managed to accrue a little family of (working) iPods.

I have my little RED nano that's called simply: J.'s iPod. Not too creative. I got this 4gb beauty for Christmas three years ago and couldn't imagine filling up all that space with music. Ha, yea right. That idea lasted for about six months before it went out the window. J.'s iPod was one of the only things of value that WASN'T stolen when the apartment was robbed. Frankly, I would have preferred that the douchebag thieves have left say, my journal, social security card or any of the various creeptastic shit that was taken. But hey, beggars can't be choosers, right?

After the robbery I had to buy a new Macbook and they had been running a promotion with the new iPod touch. And that's when Purple Rain came into my life. Quite possibly the only good thing to come out of that entire ordeal. He was 8gb of pure unadulterated enjoyment. It was great to be able to use the university's wifi while I was anywhere on campus. He started to look a little un-pretty because, like I said, I'm a jerk with my electronics and dropped him a few times. But I can say that after almost two years, he still works perfectly.

And then there's Olivia Newton John, my mint green iPod shuffle. She comes with me on my runs, keeping me entertained and motivated with Miley Cyrus, the best of Journey, and various other really crappy music that I would really be ashamed to admit that I listened to, if I actually gave a crap at all. She's run with me through three half marathons and countless others races and early morning runs. She knows just when I'm feeling as though I want to die and plays the one Rage Against the Machine song that doesn't make me want to scream.

And on Friday I decided that it was time for something different. And that's where Peter Gabriel came in. He may not be as flashy as Olivia or as snazzy as Purple Rain, but he's sturdy and will provide me with the chance to watch The Real Housewives of _____ from the comfort of the smelly, crowded bus every morning. I can already tell that we're going to have a beautiful relationship.

And yes, I'm aware that I just wrote an entirely ridiculous, way too long blog entry about my iPods. What can I say? Life's been a little on the boring side lately. I promise to go out, get drunk and flash someone, fall in the gutter or curse out an enforcement agent really soon. Actually, I was overcome with a huge wave of nausea on the bus today and I kept thinking "I really hope I don't throw up. God, I don't want to throw up. But if I do throw up, it'll make one hell of a blog entry."


Dori said...

How timely -- I just ordered a new iPod today! It will be my fourth as well. I too had my Macbook stolen and took advantage of the free iPod promotion -- twice. Only the first time I forgot to mail in my rebate. Oops.

Elliott said...

I am woefully untech-y. I own no Apple products, or an MP3 player of any kind. I'm on my fifth cell phone in ten years, I'd still be on the third one if we hadn't moved halfway across the country to a place my carrier had no power.

Unknown said...

dori - which did you end up getting? we're such mac whores :)

elliott - no mp3 player? i dont.. i dont even understand how that works. i can't imagine running without music, and the commute to and from work would be unbearable without being able to drown out the dry-humping couple with my podcasts!

Elliott said...

When I drove to the office, I had the radio, and when that got frustrating, I had a handful of CD's in the car.

Now that I work at home, I walk ten feet to my office and just hum random tunes to myself all day.

My wife has the super-high-capacity iPod, and 400 CD's burned to a hard drive, and the plug-in for the car. She's big on the tech gadgets.

Me, not so much. If I ran, I could see that, but have you seen my profile picture?

mo.stoneskin said...

When you get drunk and flash someone,fall in the gutter or curse out an enforcement agent, I hope at least you will be listening to one of your ipods. Or all of them.

Unknown said...

i'm sure i could figure out a way to have all four on me at one time. i'll figure it out and get back to ya :)

Unknown said...

elliott - interesting though -- humming random tunes to yourself all day. i'm glad you work at home, because that would be WAY more creepy in an office full of people!