Monday, March 15, 2010

ides of mom

Just a heads up that I have no intention of stabbing you 23 times on the Ides of March

It's somewhat fitting that my mom was born on the Ides of March. Every time she makes a comment about my relationship status, or my weight, it's like she's stabbing me. Sort of. But, she has a lot of amazing qualities that far outweigh anything else, I just don't really write about those because they're not nearly as amusing.  Happy birthday to my momma, the woman who can make me crazy in four words or less, the lady who no matter what I say,  I am lucky to have in my life.

Oh, and I promise to blog about my epic St Patty's Day at some point. For now I'll leave you with this: Guess how I ended up at a police station at 11:30pm?

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