Sunday, February 7, 2010

ready for some eating?

My feelings about football are.. lukewarm at best. Anyone who knows me knows that my heart is owned by Major League Baseball. And the Yankees. That's right, I root for the evil empire. Last night my cab driver and I got into a pseudo-fight about baseball. He asked why I wasn't a Red Sox fan and I drunkenly yelled "BECAUSE I DON'T SUCK". That last sentence may have been a stupid one to write, considering I live in Massachusetts buuut I had imbibed a LOT of vodka and very little soda water. Sorry all, you can take the girl out of New York, but you can't take the New York Yankees out of the girl. Anyway.. what was I talking about? Oh right, not really a football fan. But I sure as hell love a good Super Bowl party.

My roommate and I are hosting our annual (and by annual I mean the second) Super Bowl party. It involves lots of food, most of which is sour cream and/or cheese based, beer and lots of smack talkin'. We care more about the commercials than we do about the game and by the end of the night almost everyone has had to unzip their pants to make more room. This year I'm making chili and cornbread. I just did a taste test of the chili and I am confident that it's going to be the best chili in the entire world. Maybe in the entire universe.

Other than eating and gossiping, I love the commercials. Call me lame, but the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials kill me every. Single. Year. I tear up, without fail, every time one comes on television. What are your favorite commercials? Any that you're looking forward to seeing? Personally, I can't wait for the Tim Tebow anti-abortion ad. Honestly, I didn't even know who he was but upon asking my guy friends I've found out that he's an Evangelical missionary who was a quarterback in Florida. Clearly the fact that he's won a Heisman gives him the right to spout his right-wing religious and political beliefs for all of America to see. Anyone else find it interesting that they will air an anti-abortion commercial but not one about a gay dating website? My thinking is that if you're going to call it free speech then let it be FREE. Give everyone the same opportunity to tell the world what they believe, or don't allow anyone to do so.

Anyway, I didn't mean to get all political on you guys, so I will leave you with this sentimental gem while I go tend to my chili:


Unknown said...

its crazy to me that you didnt know who tim tebow was! oh well, i doubt i could name more than 5 baseball players!

enjoy your partay!

Unknown said...

katie - i wish i still didn't know who he was. he seems a little too crazy for my liking haha.

dogimo said...

I sympathize, j. I too root for an Evil Empire.

I don't think I saw the Tim Tebow (?) ad! Weird. Maybe they bumped him? Or I could have been running for a fresh beverage.

Unknown said...

we're kindred, you and i.

the ad was in the very beginning, and it was actually pretty lame. they never mentioned the word "abortion" and people were told to go to the webpage for the full story or something like that. i don't know, i was too busy shoving pigs in blankets down my gullet. sexy, no?

Dori said...

I am jealous of your party and the food!