Tuesday, February 23, 2010

never talk to strangers

Huzzah for guest blogs! Today's blog is brought to you by Slouis and the lesson of why you should not be friendly to strangers. Ever. If you do, Antonio Banderas will come and kidnap you. Or something. Okay I'm not making any sense and that's probably because I've consumed way too much Ny/Dayquil over the last couple of weeks.
So it all started a week or two before I was about to start law school. Everyone had to have their computer scanned before we started law school so I made my appointment. As I am sitting in the room waiting for the computer to finish, there were other first year students completing the same task. While I was set to sit there and not talk to the other students apparently the boys wanted to be social and introduce themselves. One of the boys turned out to be in my section which means we would spend every day and every class together for the whole first year of law school.

The following day I received a facebook friend request from the boy in my section which I accepted. As soon as I accepted this request, I received a message from the boy. He stated that he had "an extra ticket" to the OAR concert that Friday night and asked if I would want the ticket. I apparently naively thought that extra ticket meant that there were additional people attending this concert with us. He stated that he could meet me beforehand to give me the ticket and we could head to the concert together. I still didn't think anything of it. As I met up with him, I asked when we were meeting up with everyone else. That was when he stated oh no it is just us. That was my OMG moment. At that point I had no way of getting out of the accidental date. To make matters more uncomfortable, he goes I figured we could meet early so we could grab dinner beforehand.

After deciding that I had no choice but to go through with this uncomfortable situation, I suggested that we go to a brewpub for dinner. I figured that we could drink and it definitely didn't scream nice date venue. I told the waiter that I needed beer and to keep them coming. I made a specific point to pay for my half of dinner and my ticket so there would be no mixed signals.

Things only became more uncomfortable at the concert. We were sitting down for the opening act when we he did the middle school date move of stretching his arm and trying to put it around me. I bolted out of my seat and told him I had to go to the bathroom before the main event started. Once I returned to my seat he at least kept his arm off of me. He did however mention that he had friends that were having a party right by my apartment. I decided that there was no way I was going to go to a party right by my place and have him say that he didnt feel like heading across the river and could he crash with me. I proactively said that I was planning on meeting up with some of my girls later in the night as I wasn't sure how much time I would be spending with them once law school started. He looks at me and goes ok we can do that. I stare at him shocked at first since I definitely made no invitation that he come with me. After recovering from my shock I go umm well it is only going to be me and my two girl friends and we were going to do a girls night. I figured that this was the nicest way that I could say that I definitely did not want him joining me at the bar. He then goes oh thats ok I will definitely hang out with you and the girls. Umm seriously. Now if I had not been about to spend an entire year with this kid and been worried that he was the only person I knew in my section then I probably would have brought out the bitch and told him that he was not invited when he got into the cab with me.

Sadly that was not the end of the night. Thank god I was actually meeting up with my girls and not just lying to this kid. So we walk into the bar and my girls all stare at me like what is going on. So the guy just stands with us awkwardly and listens to our convo but does not really talk to us. As I am thinking that the night can not get anymore uncomfortable, I run into the guy I had just broken up with two days before. He walks over and tells me how good it is to see me as he sees this awkward guy standing by me. He then looks at him and me and goes oh and just walks away. Ok now the night cannot go any worse. Correct that the guy now decides to ask again if I want to go to his friend's party by my house. After refusing for like the 5th time, I then receive a voicemail from this kid telling what a great night that he had and how we should defiinitely hang out again soon.

And people wonder why I am not super friendly when I first meet them. I had to avoid this kid and not talk to him for the first two months of law school before he would leave me alone.

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