Friday, February 26, 2010

kitteh day!

Yesterday there was some sort of a monsoon in Boston. Seriously, flood and wind warnings all over the place. I saw a sign ripped from a door and whipped onto the windshield of a car in a parking lot. It made the loudest noise, I seriously thought that maybe it had cracked the windshield. Afterwards, I came up the back steps to my apartment, carrying all sorts of awkwardly shaped goods for my coworker's upcoming baby shower. One strong gust of wind and before I knew it I was actually on the floor with all of my random crap spilled out around me. In all fairness, it was probably equal parts wind and my absolute lack of balance. Oh well.. happy Friday everyone!

Oh, also! I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and will make sure to check back to see if i am, indeed, consumptive.

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fl├╝ge said...


i love the fiorst pic, the kitteh on it looks so damn adorable. awee im just fal in fall <3