Thursday, February 18, 2010

call the waambulance

I got an email from the office administrative assistant saying that I was assigned to clean the kitchen this week. But wait, what? I did it last week. I had to go through the gross fridge and throw out people's gross rotting food. Gross. My first reaction was to storm out to the front desk and protest to the temp who's currently working. But alas, there I am, assigned both last week AND this week for the dreadful task of kitchen cleaning. My second reaction was to come stomping back to my office and proceed to almost cry over said cleaning. My third reaction was to write an irrational email to the receptionist saying that it wasn't fair that people who are conveniently "unavailable" on their assigned days never clean the kitchen while I have to do it twice in a row. She responded that it was an oversight and that I didn't have to do it. BUT I'M GOING TO. BECAUSE I WAS ASSIGNED TO IT AND DAMNIT I'M A TEAM PLAYER.

But you can bet for damn sure that I'm going to be pissed the entire time and I may actually cry again.

Moral of the story? You know that you're sick and you should leave work when you almost cry over being assigned kitchen cleaning for two weeks in a row.

I hate feeling sick. It makes me whiny and cranky. And because of that I do crazy, irrational things like bitch out my coworkers about insignificant crap that I will regret tomorrow. Oh, and I also cry at any commercials involving cute, cuddly animals. I want my mommy.

This is how I feel right now. 
Except not a boy.
And definitely not a blonde.

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dogimo said...

And your haircut is better than his, too.

Get well soon!