Monday, February 8, 2010


I forgot to put my contacts in this morning. Normally this wouldn't be a problem because I always carry my glasses. Where are they right now, you ask? NOT on my face because they are oh-so-conveniently on my night stand. So I'm sitting at my desk, with my face inches from the screen, moments from a migraine due to the eye strain. All so I can write this blog entry. THAT IS HOW DEDICATED I AM TO YOU ALL. Anyway..

Exactly one year ago I posted my very first blog entry. When I created my "about me" I ended it with "Stick with me as I try to bring this blog to life, I hope to one day make it worth your while". Perhaps I've accomplished that goal, or at the very least I hope that my blog doesn't reeaally, really suck. For those of you who have been there since the beginning, you're amazing. For those of you who are just stumbling across my blog, don't get too scared, I just really like Google image searching.


Elliott said...

Congratulations! And having stumbled upon it late, I'm still re-reading...or reading...or something.


LindsB said...

Congrats on one whole year!!! Here is to many many more years!

dogimo said...

I'm raising a glass of imaginary champagne in your honor, tooting an imaginary noisemaker and performing a quite real and unwelcome striptease.

Oh okay, actually I'm just getting ready for bed. Got to turn in early. All this imaginary partying, wear a dude out.

Tips on realms-mixing: champagne, even imaginary champagne, tastes horrible with toothpaste. Damn! It's the Veuve Clicquot, too!

That was my last imaginary bottle of that.

Unknown said...

well elliott - i'm glad i haven't scared you away just yet. give me some time.. and some more creepy google images :)

thank you linds!

joe - i hope that your next real bottle of champagne tastes way better than the imaginary one. and i don't know what you're talking about, there's nothing unwelcome about a striptease.

Mrs. Match said...

Has it been a year already? Happy Blogoversary! And thanks for the dedication. :-) And the LOLcats!

Charlotte said...

I for one have enjoyed stumbling upon your blog and will continue reading. Congrats on one year! (Oh, and yea, that singing monkey was a wee creepy). :p

Unknown said...

date girl - it doesnt really FEEL like a year does it? my pleasure, i will provide lolcats for as long as you all want to see them :)

thanks charlotte! and i apologize for the creepy monkey. i think it was really necessary for the post ;)