Monday, February 15, 2010

blah blah blah ft. my mom

I was in New York for a total of 25 hours this weekend. I went to celebrate my best friend's engagement! The time that wasn't spent at the brunch, or sitting on Lori's couch watching Olympic speed skating, or sleeping, was spent with my parents. Well, mostly my mom since my dad managed to procure some sort of infectious disease while dining at Applebees. Or Crapplebees as I like to call it. We had a good time. We hung out, ate some salad pizza and gossiped a bit.

Come Sunday around noon, it was time for me to leave. I exchange hugs and kisses with my parents and as per usual my mom tells me to call several times along the way. It's a three-hour or so drive and she gets upset if I don't check in at least three times. Unfortunately for her, I was distracted while driving. First I was catching up on my NPR podcasts and then I was playing singing, nay SCREAMING, along to the Glee soundtrack. Finally I get back to my apartment, drag all of my now clean laundry into my room and open up my laptop and this is what follows:

Mamadukes: r u home
Prodigal Daughter: yes
Mamadukes: how about a call
Prodigal Daughter: i was hungry
Prodigal Daughter: and unpacking clothing
Mamadukes: blah blah

My mother: a 51 year old woman who reverts back to being a pre-teen when she's chattin' on AOL. And yes, she does actually still use AOL. At least she hasn't asked if I'm a lesbian lately. Next time I'm home I'm going to create a gmail address for her and watch her head explode as she tries to understand Buzz.

Addendum: Some people should be banned from using the internet. The secondhand embarrassment in this YouTube video is basically seeping through the computer:


Dori said...

My mom uses AOL too and doesn't care when we tell her she can keep her email address AND not pay a monthly fee and slow down her computer so much that she needs a new one every 3 years.

She doesn't understand that she is still online even when not logged in to AOL.

Elliott said...

My mother has email through her (gasp) Roadrunner provider, so no AOL. She's still not on Facebook, the big technological breakthrough was when my parents learned how to use speakerphone on their cell phones so they can both talk at once.

And yes, I'm approaching 39 and my parents still insist on a call when I'm traveling.

Princess Malphaba said...

This is so my mom too. I swear menopause is like regression to being 15. Sometimes I just want to be like "really... please listen to yourself!"

You are so not alone!!!! And the Glee soundtrack is out of this world for driving!!!!