Thursday, February 11, 2010

betty white for president!

Sorry Barack. I love you but.. Betty White, you are my hero. And you were a total babe back in the day! You're sassy as hell and I enjoy it immensely. I just watched her Super Bowl commercial approximately seventeen times in a row and I laughed each and every time.

"You're playing like Betty White out there"
"That's not what your girlfriend says."


Anonymous said...

i LOVE betty white and i would totally vote for her to be our next president!

somewhere online they are trying to get SNL to have her as a host.

Unknown said...

i would totally join whatever group is trying to get her as an SNL host. hell, i might actually stay home on a saturday and watch that episode if she were to host!

Elizabeth said...

HAHAHA! i never saw this one sunday night!! she's hilarious! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout!!!