Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another one bites the dust

Just a few random tidbits that you probably don't care about but that I'm going to write anyway:

1. I chewed about 57 pieces of Trident White gum today. The Cool Colada flavor, if you're interested. I know that I'm prone to hyperbole but I am definitely being serious. It comes with 60 but I was kind enough to offer a few to my colleagues. Why did I do that? because it comes in a huge container and I just kept shoving pieces in my mouth and spitting them out until I look into the container and BAM they're all gone. I can imagine that my stomach is not going to be pleased with the sorbitol overload. Also, my jaw really hurts. (I can hear the snickering from the peanut gallery. Shut it.)

2. Remember Guest Blog Tuesday? That was fun. Could we try that again? If you have any stories, even if they're only mildly interesting, please send them along! I'd love to read/post them.

3. My favorite word today is kerfuffle. No reason. It just is. Discuss.

4. The Kells is closing. For those of you who don't know, the Kells was/is basically the most obnoxious bar in all of AllBright. All of us BU kids went there to do one or more of the following: lose our dignity, play in the weekly beer pong tournaments, wear a toga or almost be sexually assaulted on the way to the bathroom. My fondest memory will always be the concussion I received there. I was leaning over to pick up a ping pong ball, and on the way up the bar must have moved because I slammed my head so hard that I could actually feel and hear my brain vibrating inside my skull. Always a champ, I didn't stop playing, or drinking. Goonies never say die! RIP The Kells, may the Tavern on the Square replacement serve as a place for all Allston/Brighton kids to get a piece of ass at 1:50 AM on a Saturday night.


Elliott said...

Can't use 'kerfuffle'. Just too girly a word, doesn't feel right coming out of my mouth.

Pity to hear a 'destination' bar is closing. Especially one where you received a concussion. Think they'd let you come in and chainsaw out the chunk of bar that did it, for posterity?

j. said...

oh it's not THAT girly. i bet you could use it once today. come on, give it a shot.

and a chainsaw to the bar may not be such a bad idea...

Rebecca said...

Haha I'm trying to think of any good dating stories I have. Let me know what the expectations are!

Date Girl said...

Oh bummer about your favorite bar. I hate it when they close down. Hope you find a new spot soon!

j. said...

rebecca- no expectations at all really. give a look to the "guest blog" tag to see what sorts of entries i've posted. i'd love if you submitted something! :)

date girl - ohhh definitely not my favorite bar at all. we all hated that place in college. it was the type of bar that you couldn't go to unless you had aggressively pregamed beforehand haha