Friday, February 19, 2010


Today's LOLcat theme: drink, drank. DRUNK. You know why? It's that time of year again folks. My 26th birthday is on Sunday. One year older, and most likely zero years wiser. It's going to be hard to beat last year's amazing birthday because I was finally given my glorious Snuggie and then I proceeded to embarrass myself in front of most of the residents of Montreal. Oh, and then I blacked out, told everyone that I hated them, bit it in the middle of the hallway and then finally threw my shoes at Slouis and she kicked me in the ass.

We're celebrating tonight with a lovely dinner and then going to a gay burlesque show. I have a few goals for tonight:
1. Do not tell my friends that I hate them
2. Do not walk barefoot at any point in the night (no hep-c as a 26th birthday present to myself)
3. Do not throw any footwear at my good friends

Should be simple enough, no? Wish me luck, everyone, I may need it. Things are about to get messy!


Julia L. said...

But it would be so hilarious to see any of those things... :) You will be fabulous. Can't wait to see the hot dress.

Nik said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Have a blast!!!!!

dogimo said...

Happy b-day J.! Make yourself proud of yourself. I mean, you should already be that already, but this day is your day to shine.

Hm. A lot of redundant phrasing in that comment. So what the hell I'll say it again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Best of luck in every possible regard, and may you wake up safe and sane the following afternoon! Or morning. If you really must.

Heh. The word verification is "stlech." St. Lech? I bet we already know what that dude is patron saint of.

Unknown said...

thanks for coming out jules. and thanks for the mini pies today!

thanks nik, it was indeed a blast and a half!

joe - oh, i definitely made myself proud of myself while i was on stage dancing with a tranny named destiny. and thank you for the good luck wishes, i woke up both sane AND safe. truly a birthday miracle if you ask me.