Monday, January 18, 2010

young love, sort of

Eighth grade was the year that my first love asked why I wasn't hot like my mom. It was also the year that I had my "first boyfriend" (not the same boy!). So, he asked me out in an AOL chat room (hey, don't judge, it was 1997!) and I said yes because I'd never had a boy admit to liking me before. I didn't know what it meant to be a girlfriend but learned pretty quickly that when you're thirteen it means talking on the phone after school. We were in the same group of friends so we continued to all hang out so nothing much changed. I don't remember too much about the "relationship" except that it lasted a week and he bought me hot chocolate at White Castle. I like hot chocolate and I like White Castle, so I'm not really sure what went wrong there. Le sigh, story of my life I suppose.

When we later broke up he mentioned to some of our mutual guy friends that he had only asked me out because I had big boobs.

Moral of this story is that thirteen year old boys are not all that different from the twenty-something men. I have a feeling that they're not much different than the forty and fifty-something dudes either.

Women of the world, we may be screwed.

Yes this is the White Castle where my hot cocoa was purchased.
Classy joint, isn't it? God bless Queens.


Elliott said...

At least he was honest - not with you, but with someone. And hey, free hot chocolate!

I could go off on some pseudo-psychological ramble about how boys are ingrained with the 'boobies=good' mentality from early on, yada yada yada...but that doesn't matter. And even though we may not always date women based primarily upon certain - ahem - attributes, said attributes are never taken for granted, either.

Unknown said...

yeah, i mean the hot chocolate was the best part. white castle has some pretty delicious hot cocoa.

i am glad that my said attributes won't be taken for granted. you mean my personality, right? ;)

Elliott said...

It's always about your personality. Unless you're walking away, then it's about your ass, too. But otherwise, all about the personality.

Unknown said...

that reminds me of this phrase, i have no idea where i heard it? "hate to see ya leave but love to watch ya go"

dogimo said...

Ah, young love.

le sigh.

I hadn't pictured you with big boobs! Well what am I talking about, I haven't been picturing your boobs - what a pig-style comment!

I don't even know where I was going with that. My apologies!

Anyway, in this visually-biased, physicality-obsessed social construct we call the world in which we live, big boobs is usually considered a plus by those who obsess over such things. So, bully for you on that!

Everybody deserves every edge they can get, I say. The world doesn't care how hard life is.

dogimo said...

Man, I feel like a pretty big dork, because Elliott said it considerably better.

That's why sometimes if I read others' comments, I can't post at all!

Unknown said...

joe - when you're in 8th grade anything other than a training bra is considered "big boobs" haha. but i've still a little somethinsomethin' up top. (wow did i really just say that? yep.)

also, don't feel like a dork. you and elliott are my resident men around here. i need you two to keep commenting to negate the girlyness of my pink blog!

Elliott said...

j, that gives me a warm feeling to know I'm adding to the broad spectrum of your blog.

Now, how about a little jiggle for us?

I kid. Really.

Carpet Repair said...

LOL! Ha-ha... you’re not hot like your mom and you’re first told you he dated you be cause you have big boobs! What a life. Well men are men. You can’t change that.

we buy houses said...

LOL! Funny life story, this is the fact about men. Men cannot live without boobs. Since they “men” are born here on earth, mom’s breast feed them, till they get married and have kids they still need boobs to survive. it's like a woman s life time responsibility to men. ridiculous! LOL! Hahahahaha!