Tuesday, January 19, 2010

you.. complete me

I'm worried that my blog is making me seem like a bitter hag. Have no fear, I don't hate men, and I'm not about to go have my eggs frozen and my new best friends are neither Ben nor Jerry. So let's talk about something that doesn't involve me bitching and moaning. I've been saying for a long time that I need three things in life to be completely and totally happy:

1. Team Jacob t-shirt
2. a Snuggie
3. the Slider Station

I received a Snuggie from my dear friend Liz for my 25th birthday. I'm still waiting on the Team Jacob t-shirt (yes, I like Twilight, shut the hell up). BUT! I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and what did I see? THE SLIDER STATION. On the clearance rack, marked down to $9.99. Kismet. This, I believe it's God's way of telling me that he's sorry for causing me emotional distress such as me backing into a car in the Whole Foods parking lot last week or losing my voice shortly thereafter. For what it's worth, this makes up for a whole lot of crappy shit that's happened to me. What can I say, I'm really easy to please.

So because I'm waiting for the ground turkey to thaw, I did the next best thing - and that's a photo shoot with the Slider Station:


Elliott said...

I don't get the Snuggie. I have never been drawn to owning it. However, my friend Bob had the brilliant idea of using the Snuggie ads as a comeback tool for Kris Kross. You'll have to Google them, I know I've just dated myself.

I'm also glad that you found it necessary to point out that the tee is a Twilight reference. I know one thing about Twilight: it has something to do with vampires. Beyond that, never read the books when they were in our house, never saw the movies, and I don't even know how many books or movies there are.

I do appreciate the 'with-glasses', 'without glasses' options on the photo shoot. #3 is currently my desktop wallpaper, because you're looking at the box so longingly.

Elizabeth said...

1. i dont know how i lived without a snuggie. especially since i turned my heat off after receiving a $260 power bill and i live in the armpit of the south.
2. go ahead on with that tshirt. my team edward tshirt is my all time favorite.
3. the slider WILL be overused the next time i'm in boston. fuck yea.

dogimo said...

OK, now you're hilarious as a freight train. And compounding that, I'm going to have to come up with a more emphatic comparison for the other!

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