Saturday, January 30, 2010

stick with me

I miss blogging. I'll be back soon, I promise. I'm still sad. Incredibly sad. But life is slowly, slowly returning to normal. Although I think that implies that I was ever normal to begin with and that's probably slightly incorrect. Anyway, stick with me, I will be back to posting regularly very soon.

In the meantime, here's something adorable because I've missed a couple of LOLcat Fridays:


dogimo said...

I'm stuck!

Even when you can't struggle much on your own effort, time is a strong rope that will keep pulling you forward. Just keep your grip on it.

Huh. That was like the least useful or encouraging metaphor ever. "Hang in there" is what I mean.

J., I have to confess my ignorance here. File this as a low-priority question. You use the phrase "cat macros" from time to time, and I can't figure out exactly what it means. To me, a macro is a way to compile a set of executables into a single executable - which doesn't make much sense cat-wise. I'm sure the word has other meanings but

You do post a lot of kitty-business, and I'm sure some of that (or all of it?) is cat macros, I'm just not savvy enough to recognize or differentiate. Is it just any sort of cat-related posting/forwarding of media? Would the above vid qualify? Or is it only the grammar-challenged captioned candid kitty photos?

I'm always at war between my need to know everything, and my reluctance to ask anything (thus showing my ignorance). But I figure, when google doesn't narrow it down definitively, one can always swallow one's pride and ask an expert.

Unknown said...

haha i liked the metaphor! and don't worry, i'm hangin'.

and it's likely not your ignorance and more the fact that i call almost everyhting "macros". i guess my original thought was that the "grammar-challenged captioned candid kitty photos" are what i consider to be cat macros. i don't know if that's even the correct definition of what a macro is haha.

basically, i pull a lot of shit out of my ass and then assume it's correct. but sometimes, it's just.. not :)