Saturday, January 16, 2010

night cheese

Dude. I hit 60 followers this week! SIXTY people think that my incoherent ramblings are sort of interesting, or something. Crazy, patient folks, I tell ya.

Anyway, have I posted this 30 Rock clip before? If so, suck it. It's totally funny enough to see again. If not, ignore that last statment and be advised that you're looking at my future. Snuggie and all.


Monica said...

god i love 30 rock
and tiny fey
and you!

congrats on 60 followers!

dogimo said...

I don't understand something. I've been reading you regularly for a little while now, a few months? And I thought I was following you all along! Yet it seems I wasn't. How on earth was I able to keep right up like that without the aid of this indispensably handy googamawidget?

Anyway: rectified. I could of swore I have been following you, but I definitely am now!

Congratulations on 60! A milestone.

Unknown said...

monica - 30 rock rules. tina fey rules, and i think you rule. so there!

dogimo - i don't know how you were existing this long without officially following me. glad you rectified that before imploding! and don't worry, i think you were following me in spirit anyway, so it's totally fine.

and thank you both on the congratulations!