Sunday, January 17, 2010

luck o' the irish

A couple of weeks ago my friend/coworker asked me to join her at an Irish meet-up at a bar downtown. I made sure she knew that I was not, in fact, Irish in any way. Not I! Not the Russian-Italian-Catholic-Jew! Anyway, I agreed to go because 1. I love Irish people and 2. I love beer. So off I went..

The meetup was on Thursday night. I managed to not talk to one authentic Irish person. However, I did end up getting into a conversation with three Americans - two guys and a girl (and a pizza place? Anyone get that reference? Anyone? Ooookay then). College students. Barely of age to drink legally. Mere fetuses. When I made a comment about not wanting to go to work the next day, the girl replied "Man! I don't want to go to class tomorrow!". All of a sudden I morphed into bitter old hag mode and yelled "IN FIVE YEARS YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THAT AND YOU WILL LOOK BACK AND REALIZE THAT COLLEGE WAS THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE."

And then I took a step back and thought to myself, "Oh my Gawwwwdd."

Senior year of college we spent more time drunk than in class. So, five years after graduation I'm wondering when I became this person who gets tired at 8:45 p.m. and would rather sit on the couch watching The Biggest Loser than going out for drinks on a weeknight? I'm going to be 26 soon, goddamnit!



Elliott said...

Damn straight. You tell 'em, I miss being able to schedule my days so my first responsible act didn't have to start until 10 am. I miss scheduling an extra hour of free time after lunch so I could take a nap.

Then again, I didn't drink in college, so the heavy amounts of hard liquor I enjoy now are a nice trade-off.

And I get to take naps on the weekend.

Michelle said...

From the mouth of a true fetus, I just want to add that when I graduate next year I know I'm still going to feel that college was the best time of my life, but honestly don't you remember how pointless it felt (or feels, to me) sometimes? Like, why the fuck am I STILL here/don't I have shit to do in real life? S'how I feel, anyway.

Unknown said...

elliott - weirdly enough i still sort of miss writing papers. is that weird? and unfortunately i drank way more hard liquor in college than i ever do now. i think that's probably because my 12 month bender has totally destroyed my liver.

michelle - i definitely remember that feeling. i remember wanting my "real life" to start. i also remember how giddy i was to start my first job and all of that. my bitter ramblings are more about me not dealing well with getting older. and man, sometimes i just want to sleep until 10am and be able to spend the day in my pajamas and have it be acceptable! :)

Elliott said...

There's nothing weird about missing aspects of school. I'm sure there's a large part of me that craves that, and is the reason why my blog is as nerdy and researched as it often is.