Wednesday, January 6, 2010

california's been good to me

This blog will likely make little to no sense, just warning you. My brain feels like one of those "this is your brain on drugs" commercials right now.

So, I just got back from a two day visit to the West Coast for an event. I flew out on Sunday afternoon. Well, I was supposed to fly out at 2:53 PM. Of course, I get all the way to the airport, check my luggage and am in line at security when I got the email saying that my flight has been delayed. Two and a half hours. And then three hours. So I end up spending about five or so hours just chillin' at Logan airport on Sunday. Of course I don't sleep at all on the plane ride to San Francisco which leaves me feeling like death for the entirety of my visit. This is remedied a bit by the sweet convertible rental car that my coworker talks me into renting. Let me say, nothing makes you feel like more of a bad ass, and it was funny to see the valets at the hotel try to squeeze in and out of the teeny car. When I hit the lottery, or marry rich, write the next great American novel, I will buy that car. Mark my words.

The hotel? AMAZING. King-sized bed, stone floor shower, and I could turn the lights and tv on and of from my bedside table. I slept diagonal in the bed and didn't even come close to hitting the end. I realize that this could have to do with the fact that I'm 5'3" but let's just pretend that it explains how big the beg was, okay? Good. Unfortunately, the fatigue from the day o' fun aka traveling, as did the time difference, take quite a toll on me. I am up reeaaally late on Sunday night, and am unable to sleep past 6:00 AM (which was 9:00 "my time"). This brings me to the BEST PART of the entire hotel room. Two words that made my sleep-deprived ass able to survive: ESPRESSO MAKER. Apparently, if I fill my body with enough coffee then I'll be just fine. I'll eventually throw up (ie yesterday afternoon in the bathroom at Starbucks. classy, no?) but I will be just fine.

This morning I (again) wake up at 6:00 AM. I watch the sunrise from my porch, espresso in hand and then get myself ready to have breakfast with a friend in downtown San Fran. Luckily I was get the email notification about my delay BEFORE I got to the airport. This allowed me to do some very necessary shopping with my buddy and leisurely make my way to the airport. But it's never that simple is it? Not in my life, no sirree.

I drop off my sweet ass rental car and got on the air train. I am sweating my ass off from carrying the huge weekend bag that I very clearly needed for a trip that would be less than two full days. It's then that I realize that I have left my coat in the rental car. My new, adorable J.Crew coat. Oh hell no was I leaving that on the West Coast. I had to ride allll the way around the loop until I got back to the rental car stop. Oh, and I'm trying to get an actual human being on the phone at Budget and am pissy, cursing and generally making a scene. So, I get back to where I'd just left the car no more than thirty minutes ago. They insist that they'd searched the car and didn't find my coat. Impossible! So I made them take me to the car and there it was, blending in with the black interior.

This time I was able to sleep for the first two hours of the flight. I love sleeping through the take-off. Mostly because I have wildly irrational visions of a trap door opening beneath and ending with me plunging into the Atlantic Ocean. I wish that the mother with the SCREAMING two year old could have stopped kicking my seat for a hot second, but hey, such is life.

So, I'm back in Boston and have to be at work in exactly eight hours. Riiiight. Yeaa.. about that.


Courtney said...

My husband once got stuck in Logan for waiting on me to fly in on the next flight after his...except the airport was shut down for a blizzard, so yeah instead of the hour wait he should have had it was 11. Since we don't live in Boston and he was afraid to venture out for the sake of getting lost and not ever finding me he survived on Dunkin Donuts and boredom.

Monica said...

i'm jealous of your hotel room and..well the fact that you got to go to cali in the first place.

and hooray for finding your jacket! i know how pissed you would've been had you lost it!

Unknown said...

Courtney - that sounds like a typical new england airport experience! thank god for dunkin donuts!

monica - i wanted to stay there forever, it was seriously the nicest hotel room ever. i wish i'd gotten to stay longer, boston is cooool. and oh yeah you know how i am with my j.crew clothing!

dogimo said...

Just out of curiosity, what kind of car was the convertible? Yay!: on getting your coat back. Good job being insistent.

Me and you practically passed in the air. I just got back from the East coast. Flew into SFO. Ok, mine landed Monday night, but still that's pretty close. If it'd been any closer and I passed you in the airport, I'd have been sure to complement your haircut. You'd have been like, who's that blue guy with the pixelly beard, he looks familiar somehow?

dogimo said...

ai, "compliment"

but the other, too, perhaps, I suppose.

Unknown said...

joe - it was a nissan 370z or something like that? perfectly sized for a small person such as myself. and there was little to no chance of me leaving my coat there. i probably would have risked missing my flight to get it back. i do not mess around with jcrew outerwear! especially when it's new.

even though i've never seen a picture of you, if i had seen you, i think i would have just KNOWN. and of course your resemblance to the blue, bearded, pixelated picture probably would have helped me recognize you.

and the way i looked yesterday at the airport, i highly doubt that you would have wanted to compliment me on my hair, but it would have been appreciated nontheless!

Michelle said...

I am so impressed with your dedication to your J. Crew coat. It has found its rightful home. I got this ridiculously swanky hotel room Saturday in Albany NY when I picked my boyfriend L. up from the airport and we got blizzard-ed in and it was so, so cheap but the guy at the desk had grown up in my college town! It's all about connections...

Elliott said...

Ah, the joys of cross-country travel. Since I'm based in Florida, and we have an office in Vegas besides my clients in Oregon, I've done my share of those trips. But the rental car should almost always make up for it.

Nishant said...

that sounds like a typical new england airport experience! thank god for dunkin donuts!

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Unknown said...

michelle - i like to try to treat my j.crew items with love and respect haha. and way to go to you for snagging that sweet hotel room!!

elliott - man, the rental car.. amazing. coming home to my puny civic was disappointing, to say the least.

nishant - it was indeed a typical new england experience!