Tuesday, December 29, 2009

tui: texting under the influence!

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If you want to protect your reputation in the workplace, then make it a priority never to drink and have your cell phone handy...

The story goes like this: I had a brilliant idea to throw a surprise party for my boyfriend's birthday, so I took his cell phone and put all of the numbers into my own phone. He had a general idea that I was doing something for his birthday, but he didn't know who I was inviting. I texted all of his coworkers and friends from my cell phone, introducing myself and inviting them to his birthday party in a few weeks. The main mistake that I made was this: I didn't save any of the numbers into my phone that I had texted. What was I thinking??

Within the long list of party guests that I had texted was my boyfriend's boss. (I know that you are understanding where I am going with this by now...) My boyfriend's actual birthday rolled around, but we were not celebrating his surprise party until the following weekend. We were celebrating his actual birthday at home with some champagne and getting quite tipsy. All of the sudden, I received a text that said "I'm actually free without the kids this weekend, what should I bring?" from an unknown number.

Of course, since we were both drinking, we thought that it would be hilarious to "mess with" this unknown number who we presumed had accidentally texted my cell phone. My boyfriend actually took my phone and texted the unknown number "Bring some condoms and some lube". We laughed about it, completely forgot about it, and went on with our night of celebration.

When I awoke the next morning, I saw a text reply from the unknown number revealing that it was my boyfriend's boss! My heart jumped in my throat, and I scrambled to try to figure out how to undo the damage that I had done. I immediately texted him back apologizing that it was a bad, bad joke on our part, and that it was a family-friendly party, and I did not mean to offend him.

Luckily, he is a very understanding boss and laughed it off (whew!), and he still managed to make it to the surprise birthday party and hold his head high. All of you texters, let this be a lesson to you...


may said...

LOL! it's cool that her boyfriend's boss was understanding and laughed it off...I can only imagine what would have happened if he was the serious/strict type =X

Pretty Unfamous said...

My friend's old boss is a lesbian. One New Year's Eve, totally, sloshed, he texted her saying, "You better not get any ass tonight unless I'm there to watch!"

He woke up in the morning and remembered this. And then had to do damage control, haha

Unknown said...

may - i'd probably dig myself a hole and crawl in there and die if i ever sent a text like that to my boss.

angela - oh.. wow, that's one hell of a text message to send to your boss. what did that damage control consist of other than profuse apologies?? haha