Tuesday, December 1, 2009

chipmunks disturb me

Yes, I know it's Tuesday. And I know that normally means guest blog time. However, the well has run dry for now. So that means if you want to see more guest blogs that you actually have to SEND THEM to me. Interesting concept, no? You know where to find me -- kissing.frogs@ymail.com.

So, since I have no guest blog for you, I'll share this gem of a trailer:

I saw this trailer last night while in the theater to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox (which, for the record, I really liked). And it.. really disturbed me. I don't know what it is about dancing, singing chipmunks that makes me so uncomfortable. It's odd, because I used to watch the cartoon as a child and I don't remember questioning it. However, I've become cynical in my old age. WHY did some dude adopt three little chipmunks? Why can they talk? Why in this movie are they treated like real people? Why does no one think it's weird that there are three female chipmunks who do things like sing Beyonce's "Single Ladies". I'm very obviously thinking way too much into it, but I don't care.

All I've gotta say is.. that shit just ain't right.

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Elizabeth said...

their christmas song is the shit though. love it everytime it comes on...