Thursday, December 10, 2009

awkward turtle = my life

I knew it would happen one day. It was inevitable. Just a matter of time.

Last night at the gym I ran had an awkward encounter with a dude with whom I've engaged in some mutual OkCupid profile stalking. I was on the arc trainer, sweating like a beast and singing along to the Glee soundtrack. He was on that weird ab crunch machine thing, which basically made him seem like the hugest pansy in the world. Then he walked by on his way to the water fountain and we caught each other's eyes. There was that moment of "Wait.. I know you.. but from where?" And then, just like that, there was that flash of "Shiitttt.. I totally know!"

I mean, I've done the whole online dating thing since April 2007 and it was pretty much inevitable that I'd run into someone whose profile I'd seen. I was just hoping that it wouldn't be when I was sweating like an animal and clad in spandex and a loose fitting Hanes t-shirt.

Although, let's be honest. OF COURSE this would happen to me. It wouldn't be my life if I wasn't embarrassed at least thrice daily. Well maybe not, but I really just like the word "thrice" and wanted to use it. But it's definitely at LEAST once a day.

I present to you - awkward turtle. This could possibly become my personal avatar:


Pretty Unfamous said...

I did online dating over the summer, and a boy I had gone to high school with was listed as one of my matches!! TOTALLY awkward! Ahhhh! So I blocked him from being able to see my profile haha

dogimo said...

One time I went to one of those places and got tested for personality type stuff, to find a match, and one of the questions was about the awkward turtle! The guy told me there was a turtle on its back and he kept telling me I wouldn't turn it over, and then he kept asking me why I wouldn't.

I shot the bastard and left. Ever since then I have no use for dating services.

Princess Malphaba said...

This actually happened to me once, but a FRIEND introduced me to him... cause they knew each other.
Then he never spoke to me again online after we figured out what happened. Talk about awkward

Unknown said...

angela - good move, i would have done the same thing haha

dogimo - well as long as you shot him and left, there's really no need for you to ever have to think about the awkward turtle, so i think you're good to go!

mal - that's what i call - the definition of awkward haha

Anonymous said...

(586): We had one of those mutual "I know your on a dating website, I won't tell if you won't" glances.

That's what that reminds me of! haha

xoxo Char

Unknown said...

char - that is so perfect for this situation!!