Monday, November 2, 2009

wish me luck!

My ortho appointment is at 2pm today and I need you all to think good thoughts for me. If I come out of that office in a medical boot, I cannot even tell you how pissed I am going to be. The equation goes something like this:


The Guy's Perspective said...


So did it go well, or are you out kicking some ass!!??

Unknown said...

there was no hulk smash, thankfully (or regrettably, because that would have made one hell of a youtube video). i have tendinitis in my foot but should be good to go if i lay off the running for another week or so.

i'll find something else to kick some ass about though, have no fear!

Nik said...

hope things go well for you!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

thanks nik! should be ok with a week or so more of no running. i'm itching to get back out there though..