Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the power of three

The only thing that stands in the way of me and five days away from my office (which didn't have heat AGAIN yesterday, by the way) is about 6.5 hours, one meeting and about four hundred things on my to-do list. Somehow I have a feeling that it's not all going to happen today.. Anyway, here's today's guest blog, brought to you by Lori, whose pretty face I will be seeing again very soon when I'm back in New York for Thanksgiving! Without further adieu:

Now I’ll be the first to admit, my life isn’t always that interesting and I don’t typically have many FML moments but whilst reading your blog my mind went back to a rather ridiculous FML moment from high school…

We all recall the rule of three, right, everything happens in triplicate, well I can’t say this has always been true for me but when it comes to the male gender it has always been the norm. Hence this guest blog. During my senior year of high school I found myself in quite the winning streak; dude after dude after dude (I come from Nwq York so a “dude” is a good thing). During this streak I was lucky enough to find a pretty decent guy, Dave. He was funny, nice, adorable and actually treated me well. So of course I set out on a mission to eff it up. I started hooking up with, let’s call him Bob. I’d been friends with Bob for quite some time and while we both cared about each other a lot (no really we did) it was pretty obvious there was no chance it would go anywhere.

Now the normal person would have weighed pros and cons and quickly decided that Bob was not worth risking Dave but alas I am not the normal person. Oh and did I mention that Bob and Dave knew each other, in fact they had been pretty good friends in junior high… oops. Well, they were not currently friends at that point so it doesn’t count…right? I was 50% honest though because Bob knew about Dave. Kudos to me. So one night I’m out on a great double date with Dave and another couple. We are having a fab time when Bob calls in a drunken stupor begging me to come pick him and his friend up and buy them beer. I was the only 17 year old with a fake ID, but I digress...

For some reason this request from Bob seemed completely okay for me to do, so I borrowed my friends car, took Dave and went to pick up Bob. Asking for trouble much? Yes. And no worries, I got it. Dave, Bob and Bob’s friend in tow we arrive at the local gas station (recall I am from New York so obviously you get beer from a gas station). I leave Dave in charge of the other two and go in to buy the booze. I’m inside for maybe 5 minutes when Bob storms in and starts causing a ruckus. Great! I quickly get him outside, finish the purchase and go to find him. Not halfway out the door, Bob again nearly tackles me and this time practically demands that I meet his new friend Tony. Umm okay.

I walk over to Tony and as he turns around my face literally drops when I realize that “Tony” is in fact Anthony aka the third dude. Why he is referring to himself as “Tony” is a story for another day. By the grace of G-d I manage to get the original three back in the car, drop off Bob and friend and finish out my date with Dave. After which I couldn’t help be slightly proud at my ability to avoid disaster, that is until two weeks later Dave broke up with me, Tony never called again and Bob? Well Bob and I just slowly faded out. FML.

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