Sunday, November 1, 2009

not yet a winter wonderland

So I'm sitting in Cosi right now and I actually heard someone say "It's time to start thinking about Christmas!". Actually, I heard every word that came out of her mouth because she was so loud that I thought maybe that she was trying to converse with the guy sitting at the bus stop across the street. But anyway. No. NO. It is WAY TOO EARLY to even think about Christmas. What about Thanksgiving? You know, that holiday that comes between Candy night and Jesus' day. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Pilgrims, cornucopias (one of my favorite words ever, in case you were interested, which you're probably not), and small pox blankets.

I can't explain why I get so angry when I see Christmas displays or hear yuletide (did I just make that word up? I'm not really sure) songs in the mall before Thanksgiving. It's just too damn early for all of that. I've barely recovered from my alcohol and sugar induced hangovers before I'm forced to think about all of the money I'm going to spend on useless gifts that my family will pretend that they don't hate but will then throw in a closet or sell on Ebay for Christmas. Maybe this makes me a Grinch? I really just want to enjoy the last remnants of the fall because I know that New England will inevitably kick my ass with ice, snow and sub-zero temperatures during the Christmas season.

However, I have decided though, that for the sake of my bank account, that I am going to start buying gifts earlier this year. I still haven't adjusted to getting paid on the last business day of the month, this is probably because my idea of "sticking to a budget" means putting purchases on my credit card when my checking balance gets too low.

I already know what I'm buying for you Natalie -
I know how much you love perls so I'm getting you a "Harvest Your Own Pearl" kit. Just what you've always wanted. Don't worry, you can thank me later, with a strand of pearls that you've harvested. And maybe some diamond earrings that you can obtain with your sweet employee discount. You know the ones I'm talking about.


Samantha said...

I hate having to think about Christmas too early. When I see Christmas displays in the stores before Halloween I get all sorts of cranky but I blame it on working retail for so many years.

If you lived in Canada you'd almost be garaunteed to never see Christmas before Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving is in the beginning of October.

Unknown said...

samantha - so what you're telling me is that i should move to canada??

Samantha said...

Absolutely... we're fun people up here with our holidays nicely spaced out. *giggle*

I hope your ortho appointment went very well and you aren't in a boot.

Unknown said...

where in canada are you? i've been to montreal three times and everytime i go i eat poutine until i almost throw up haha.

and thank you!! the foot will be ok and thankfully i'm not in a boot :)