Saturday, November 7, 2009

my brother in a nutshell

Thank the sweet Lord that my younger brother is good looking, because sometimes I really question his intelligence. Let's put this into perspective. I found out the other day that my best friend passed the BAR exam. She is now officially licensed to get my ass out of jail in the case that I ever commit a crime in the state of New York. I'm hoping that this will never come in handy, but hey, you never know. I made my Facebook status "My best passed the BAR exam!! This is even better than a World Series win!!"

A few minutes later I get a text from my brother and the text-versation goes as follows:

Bro: Congrats on the BAR that's sick. Now what do you have to do?
Me: I didn't take the BAR exam. Or go to law school.
Bro: Oh, okay then :(
Bro: Wait, you have to go to law school to take the BAR?
Me: We're done here. Have a good day.

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