Wednesday, November 4, 2009

hey, did you hear?

Yesterday was apparently Election Day!

The goal is my blog is not to tout my political leanings but I just can't help but comment about how disappointed I am about the election results regarding the Same Sex Marriage Act in Maine. Call me a crazy liberal, but I believe that loves knows no gender, and what defines a marriage should not be bound by such. That's all that I'm going to say about the matter. Oh, and I am so extremely proud to be living in one of the five states in the United States that allows same-sex marriages. I hope that someday soon Massachusetts is no longer seen as progressive but the norm when it comes to such laws.

On a less serious note, seems as though those individuals in Dudley, Massachusetts, are succeeding in preventing people like me from ending up as creepy cat ladies. It's now illegal in that town to own more than three cats without a special permit. Damn that Mary Ellen Richards and her damn 15 cats who ruined it for the rest of us normal, non-crazy wannabe cat ladies. The (short) article can be found here, and thanks to Dave for always sending me useless crap that he knows I will always put on my blog.


LindsB said...

Could not have said this better myself! well the first part of this. The cat part is friggin hysterical.

Unknown said...

crazy liberal bostonians unite! :)

Dahlia said...

I agree so much. What a letdown that was.

Princess Malphaba said...

I'm from Maine, and I hate it already, but man am I ultimately ashamed to be from there after this.... and here I thought we were making progress