Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dayquil-induced thoughts

A few things I've been pondering while laying in bed. Staring at the ceiling:

1. What are all these blogger awards I see on other people's blogs? Who gives them out? How do you get one? Should I be jealous that I haven't been given one? Because I totally am.

2. How come my hangovers seem to be getting exponentially more and more suck ass as I get older? My senior year consisted of more boozing than anything else and I don't remember the hangovers being nearly as crippling. Is it because I'm getting old? IT IS, ISN'T IT?!

3. Why do I get so irrationally angry when I go to my Google reader only to have nothing new to read. Don't people understand that I need constant distractions ALL DAY LONG in order to make it through the work day?

4. Timezones - they really weird me out. It's already Thursday somewhere in the world. It just sort of blows my mind. I guess the flip side is that if it was 12:30pm for everyone in the world right now, that it would be a bit weird. Like, for some people it'd be early afternoon, for others it'd be the middle of the night. And who's to say that EST would be the benchmark for world time? Maybe I'd have to get used to living in a world where 11pm is the middle of the day? I think I'm talking myself in circles here..

5. How does Google find websites? How does it find 941,000,000 (and yes, that's an exact number) images in response to me putting in "Why?" It's like... big brother. Except way smarter. And more amusing.


Elizabeth said...

i laughed out loud at each one of those...

Unknown said...

Of course you did, because you are my #1 fan and find me funny when no one else does! and i love you for it :)

Monica said...

hahaha wtshit?!

1. the blogger awards? i have no idea, but i will MAKE you an award to proudly display, dammit!
2. yeah, it's age. i've come to find the same thing and it sucks. big time.
3. i do that with livejournal and the blogger dashboard all the time, but then i realize that it just means everyone else has more of a life than i do lol
4. timezones are so weird to me..that's all i've got.
5. google is creepy, but amazing all in one.

Unknown said...

monica i love how you took the time to respond to each one of my crazy thoughts. i especially love the idea of you making me a blog award haha