Thursday, November 19, 2009

confessions of a shopaholic

I was home sick from Monday afternoon to Thursday and I. Was. So. Bored. I watched about 100 episodes of Law and Order (97 of which I'd already seen), I did laundry, I ate eaten two bags of pita chips (whoops) and have caught up on all of my dvr'd television shows. So what else was there to do? Online shopping! Because I obviously didn't do enough damage to my bank account last weekend. By the way, I got an awesome grey leather purse from Banana Republic, and a lovely new grey winter coat from Nordstrom. I used a coupon for one and the other was one sale, my mother would be proud!

Ever since my apartment was robbed back in August 2008, I've been on a quest to replace my jewelry. I'm not going to lie, I still get a bit teary when I remember that I'll never wear the nameplate that my Nanny gave me when I was seven. Or the pendant that I had made from a ring that she'd given me when I was in middle school. Or any of the other jewelry that she gave or had made for me for that matter. It's hard to replace pieces because, well what I lost had sentimental value. Oh, and I'm also sort of poor. And jewelry is not high up there on the list of things that I need to survive (although I'm pretty sure that J.Crew is, but that's beside the point). However! I was browsing today and came across these little gold necklaces that I love on Etsy:

$17.00 USD by ArtWark

$20.00 USD by gemsinvogue

$24.00 USD by ArtWark

$24.00 USD by Classic Designs

$32.50 USD by Made by Sam

I'm off to do some more Etsy "window" shopping. Do any of you have any Etsy stores that you frequent or have had a great experience with? It doesn't have to be one that sells jewelry! Let me know, I'm always looking for more places to shop.
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Nik said...

oh! those necklaces are very pretty! i am home sick too! sucks!

Unknown said...

oh man, i hope you feel better! i came back to work today and everyone avoided me, convinced i had "the swine" (but i didn't!!)

PJ said...

Cute necklaces. And sorry to read you were sick.

Unknown said...

thanks pj!!