Monday, November 16, 2009


Today I hit 20,000 hits to my blog! Dude! Sweeeeet! I mean, most likely 18,000 or so are from Elizabeth - but I don't even care. Writing on this blog has, for better or worse, become an important part of my life. So THANK YOU for reading and I hope to continue to amuse, disgust and enlighten you with my ramblings.

Okay I'm going to go fall back into my cold medicine-induced coma. I went to work this morning only to be sent home two hours later. Apparently not only do I feel as though I've swallowed a prickly golf ball, but I looked like crap as well. And not the normal "I'm really tired and decided not to brush my hair" tired. So I'm going to make myself some Pastina like Nanny used to make, put on some daytime television and hope that I wake up better tomorrow morning!


Monica said...


now feel better, dammit!

Unknown said...

thanks monica! i'm going to do my best. i haaaate being sick.

Anonymous said...


hope you feel better soon.

Elizabeth said...

YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I'm probably 18,000 of those hits HAHA!

Unknown said...

thanks madison!

and e-beth - i have no doubt that your hits make up a huuuge number of that 20,000! haha