Monday, October 5, 2009

this city isn't big enough

According to Wikipedia, the greater Boston area is home to just about 4.5 million people. I do a lot of Facebook stalking, and I'm always amused and horrified at the random friends I have in common with other people. Case in point: I went on a date with an OKCupid dude over a year ago. It was eh, he was eh, the entire thing was just eh. Anyway, I went on another OKCupid date a while back and when I looked him up on Facebook I found out that he and eh dude not only went to the same college, but that they ran cross-country together. I could go on, but there's really no need. Basically, Boston is a small, incestuous city. 'Nuff said.

A few months ago I went out on a couple of dates with a dude, we'll call him Portland. So we decide on a place for a second date and when I walk in, late of course, he's sitting at a table with two other people. Turns out that his female friend was going on a first date and he decided to invite them along on ours. Awkward.

Here's where things get really precious. The other couple didn't really hit it off and the girl decided to get really drunk. And while walking from one bar to another Portland proceeded to get irate over my choice in baseball teams and told me to "Go back to the Bronx if I didn't like the Sox." I thought he was joking so I said "Okay fine!" and turned around and pretended to talk towards my car. When I looked back he was GONE. Dumbfounded, I walked into the bar and he was just standing there. I told him that he was an asshole and the only reason I didn't go straight home was so that I could tell him so.

Over the next week or so I received several Facebook messages, texts and ims from Mr. Portland. They all basically said "I had a great time, let's hang out again next time I'm in town." Hell to the no. I decided to pretend that he'd never existed and ignored it all. Normally this is a pretty successful way of dealing with things, except, EXCEPT that I see his friend EVERYWHERE. The first time was at show at a bar near my apartment. Then I saw her at the Coop in Kendall Square. AND THEN I saw her exiting the T station in Davis while I was on a run. And all three times she's spotted me and has shot evil daggers at me with her eyes.

Apparently Boston is no longer big enough for me, the guys I've dated, and their bitchy friends.

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