Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the sorostitute

I've been after Slouis to write a guest blog for some time now. Now that she's free from law school and the Bar Exam, she's finally got the free time to make an appearance here. This also means that she has time to hang out with me more often, and that's the important thing. Here goes:

Let me just start off by saying that I was not the typical student in my English classes. For starters, I am not artsy and about as far from earthy crunchy as you can get. I like to dress up and wear heels every day. So lets just say that my classmates and I didn't really spend a lot of quality time together outside of class.

My first year of college I had this really young professor who had just started teaching. Second semester of college I had this professor again but no one else in my class had him before. So every day before class he would come over and talk to me and a few times on Fridays there would be a mention that I looked tired and must have had a long night (Thursday was our big night out at Avalon freshmen year). I told my friends that everyone in my class probably thought something was going on between me and the young professor (for the record there was nothing going on) because had I not been the person of interest I totally would have gossiped it.

To incriminate myself even more, one day my big sister made me carry a mug around campus to collect change. I had collected about $10 in change before arrived at my English class. I sat down with the mug and my professor comes over and asks what I am doing with the mug. I have to tell him that I am collecting and change. Unfortunately he couldn't just drop it he had to ask me in front of my entire class what the mug said. I then had to inform my professor and the entire class that engraved on the mug was the word Swallow. My professor then comments, "Oh that's rather dirty" and walks away to start class.

Sadly that is not the end of my awkward encounters with my professor. My sorority always did a big philanthropy and I asked all my professors to contribute. A few of them donated and of course this one professor did as well. I was supposed to get the donation from him at the end of class but I forgot. So I walk out into the crowded hallway with all the other students and my professor comes out and yells, "Sara you forgot to pick up your check". In case any of the student didn't think I was sleeping with my professor this now confirmed it for them. My teacher handed me a check in the middle of the hallway. I made it a point to never take another class with that professor.

I have nothing witty to comment for this one but I had to include it.
Another win for Google image search!

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