Sunday, October 4, 2009

it's raining men

I know that I've said this before but, I met the most amazing men last night. Imagine the scene - Red Sox vs Indians at Fenway Park. I'm at the game with three friends and we're enjoying the fact that the torrential raining has stopped long enough for nine innings of baseball. I take a sip of my $7.10 Bud Light and look down a few rows in front of me and I see him...


We got an amazing view of his side rolls, backne and best of all.. NIPPLE PIERCINGS! Apparently his friends/some guys/it doesn't even matter who bet him a beer that he wouldn't take his shirt off. It took everything I had not to yell out "I will give you three beers to put your shirt back ON!"

Sadly, I lost him in the crowd on our way out of the stadium but have no fear, my readers! I managed to meet another amazing boy (using the word boy since he was 21 years old) who was wearing madras shorts (in October, really?) at a bar after the game. He wittily regaled me and Erin with tales of his exciting life as a professional bowler who spends most of his time drinking on his dad's couch and smoking weed in Cortland, New York. Oh, but don't worry, he's totally smart. He went to community college for a whole three weeks before dropping out because, hey, that shiz is hard! He went outside to smoke a cigarette and disappeared from my life forever.



Anonymous said...

I was totally at the same game as you! I bought my boyfriend tickets for his birthday!

Unknown said...

but were you lucky enough to see the beautiful sight of a fat man with back fat drinking beer without his shirt on?! haha

Anonymous said...

no, sadly I was not. you got me there!