Saturday, October 17, 2009

i hate stupid people

I haven't been so full of irrational anger in quite a while. This morning I left my apartment at 10am to drive up to Lowell so I could pick up my race packet (running my third half marathon tomorrow morning!). A drive that should have taken about 90 minutes round-trip took OVER THREE HOURS. I spent lord knows how long driving back and forth through downtown Lowell, cursing the day it was ever founded.

Finally, finally I found the highschool and made my way inside. The two brothers (at least I think they were brothers, I'm too lazy to double-check) from The Biggest Loser were there. I remember seeing one of them at the expo for the half that I ran in Providence back in May. They were sort of dicks, so it was amusing to me that there were all these people around and none were paying attention to them. They sat there, in this little tent, looking pissed off. Anyway, I digress..

Of course, OF COURSE I got lost on my way home too. I ended up taking "Main Street" through three or four towns. And the entire time I was behind an old lady. Actually, old lady would be gracious, because she was ANCIENT. I'm talking one foot in the grave old. She was weaving in and out of her lane and into oncoming traffic, all the while going no more than 11 miles per hour. If I could pick any profession in the world, it'd be politician so that I could push to enact legislature that would make it mandatory for people over a certain age to retake their driving tests. This woman a menace. Slow-moving, but a menace nonetheless.

On the way home I realized that since the weather is supposed to be so absolutely beautifully gorgeous tomorrow (or cold and rainy, whichev) I needed some cheap throwaway clothing for tomorrow's race. This presented a conundrum. On the one hand I knew that K-Mart would have such goodies, but on the other hand I really just hate that place. Call me a snob, but I basically break out into hives when I walk in there. The one close to my apartment is just... grimy. I decided to suck it up and go.

I walked in, found a five dollar sweatshirt and started to make my way to the checkout. I step into the aisle and am stopped dead in my tracks. By a child. Who was screaming so hard that he projectile vomited on the floor. At this point I basically RAN to the checkout line. Of course there are only two open, so I was stuck in line for a good ten minutes. All for a five dollar sweatshirt that I'm going to wear for less than an hour. The woman in front of me in line was a huge, huge bitch. The cashier rang up all of her items and after she'd paid, she decided that she just HAD TO HAVE one of those horoscope scrolls. She paid for that too before deciding that she didn't actually want it and demanded that the cashier process her return right there. I dont know who that woman was, but I have decided that I really hate her.

The upside is that I came home and stuffed my face with delicious baked cheetos. My fingers are still tinted orange. Now I'm going to take a nap because, damnit, I've earned it. Tonight I am going to eat some delicious carbs for dinner. The best part of a long race is getting to stuff your face the night before!


PJ said...

Ewww, that child . . . "shiver"

Carbo loading=a little piece of heaven on earth!

Unknown said...

I know. I started to gag myself and had to just focus on getting the hell out of there.

I had suuuuch delicious pasta last night, yum!