Thursday, October 1, 2009

i fell in love with a stripper?

I haven't severely embarrassed myself in a while. I should have known that I was long overdue. Today we had a baby shower and bridal shower for two of my coworkers. My office is huuuuge on games and this time was Pictionary. For the record, I hate pictionary. I can never portray my clue correctly and everyone always ends up thinking that I'm an idiot. I tried to let other people have my turn, but the emcee would not be deterred. I look on my slip of paper and see: Bachelor Party.

It's at this point the rational switch turns off in my head and the crazy-must-win switch flips on. Oh, have I ever mentioned that I am passionately competitive? Especially regarding office games. I start drawing.. First a stick figure woman. Then a stripper pole. And just as I'm adding the rudimentary boobs my coworker/savior yells out the answer. At first I'm all "SWEET! I WON!" and then I'm all, "HOLY SHIT I'M AT WORK". Riiiight, all of my coworkers, including my boss and executive director saw me draw huge boobs on a stick figure.

At this point I sort of want to die, but instead I return to my seat. The feeling in the room is an even mix of horror and humor. My coworker to my left looks at me and goes "Of course, out of all of us it's you that gets bachelor party."

Is it bad that right after it happened I thought, "I can't wait to get home and blog about this?". Oh actually, I lied. My first thought was "Holy crap, I'm going to get fired because of baby/wedding shower pictionary". My SECOND thought involved blogging.

Who else do you know that this could possibly happen to? I would be willing to guess NO ONE but me.

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